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About Us

 Providing Musculoskeletal Treatment To All 

Who are we.

We are a team of professional musculoskeletal experts who's first priority is helping you. 

We pride ourselves in listening to patients goals and desires and achieving it in as little time as possible. 

Although we are all manual therapists to varying degrees we are here to educate you, to show you how you can overcome your pain if it repeats itself but ultimately how to stop the pain coming back for good. 

We don't believe that patients should be reliant on us to sustain a fully functioning body we want patients to return to us, asking more questions and asking for more exercises to help them maintain their own bodies. 

What makes us different.

We spend more time with you per session.

The average local treatment time offered by other clinics is around 30 minutes and some spend as little as 5 minutes with their patients. 

Having more time with you in the beginning means we can have a greater understanding of how your body is functioning so we can quickly get you pain free and armed with the knowledge to keep the pain away for good. 

We do NOT want to see our patients on a weekly basis for the next 6 weeks. We encourage our patients to fix themselves with bespoke exercises and advice given by the practitioner. We encourage a shared decision making process where the practitioner will provide a couple of options to move forward with your care and it is up to you how you proceed. 

If you have had pain for some time you may have seen other manual therapists who have offered blocks of treatment. This goes against our ethos, we know that the body holds the ability to heal itself when given the opportunity. Our treatment sessions give us plenty of time to identify issues in the body that are stopping your body from healing itself.
We also believe that these blocks of treatments cause the patient to become reliant on the practitioner which again we believe in gradually increasing our patients autonomy, so they can take control of their body once again. 

Our number one aim is to provide you with the support, advice and tools to fix you for good. Failing that we want you to feel more in control of your body

The founder of M Ost is Matthew Mott. You can find out more about him by clicking the link below

At the clinic or home with our new video consultations we are just a click away

We strive to work together to get you moving better and pain free

Using the latest treatment protocols and providing evidence based practice

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