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 Providing Musculoskeletal Treatment To All 

Why Choose Us?

Our clinic is located on the East side of Ipswich so where ever you are around the Ipswich area we aren't far away. 

We believe in providing the most up-to date treatment protocols to our patients, which is why we believe it gets us the best results for our patients. We work with our patients to overcome their injuries, we then provide them with the tools to become autonomous and the advice to adjust their environment to put less stress on the body. 



Although our locations are both located in gyms we are open and available to all. You don't have to be athletic or into a sport to come and see us, more often the cause of most of our patients problems is outside of the gym.


That being said we all have a background in various sports such as Football, Ju-jitsu, racket sports and triathlons to name a few. Having this background gives us an insight into how you use your bodies during your sport which means we understand the stresses and strains that can be put on your body. 

  Get in touch to find out how I can help you today.

The founder of M Ost is Matthew Mott. You can find out more about him by clicking the link below

At the clinic or home with our new video consultations we are just a click away

We strive to work together to get you moving better and pain free

Using the latest treatment protocols and providing evidence based practice

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