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Low Back Stretch Vol.1


By far the most common complaint by my patients and across the board- whether its bending to pick up the worlds lightest item, twisting in bed, running, cycling, lifting weights. I see it all!

This First video is focusing on the tight muscles below the low back that can impact on it. Low back pain is very rarely the cause of the pain, there is almost always a reason why your low back has 'gone', whether that is because your hip flexors and quads are tight, glutes are weak all of these things can attribute to your pelvis tilting forwards, compressing the spinal joints in the low back. It is when this posture is maintained over a period of time the smallest movement, the lightest object can be the 'hair' that breaks the camels back!

If you are experiencing pain, numbness, weakness, pins and needles down one or both the legs, any numbness around the saddle area, changes in your bowel or bladder when the pain started please consult your nearest musculoskeletal specialist or feel free to contact myself directly if you have any of the above and I will be happy to help. If need be I can offer remote treatments over the internet to assess your condition.

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