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Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage to make positive changes to your muscles

What is a Sports Massage therapist?

A sports massage therapist is a practitioner that is qualified to help with muscle related problems usually caused from exercise but often help those who suffer with postural issues also. 


What is Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a form of massage that typically focuses on injured or tired muscles using deep tissue to create changes in the tissues that improve their function. Athletes and those that do intense exercise rely on sports massage to maintain muscle health and prevent injury.

How can Sports Massage Help

Sports Massage can help if you participate in regular intense exercise, suffer with tight and restricted muscles, muscle pain, or would just like to relax.

Why Sports Massage

If you feel you are suffering with a muscle strain or ongoing muscle tightness from exercising or working posture. 

What to wear for an appointment

We find that wearing sports wear like shorts and a vest or sports bra. If the area in question needs to be removed for ease of treatment as massage oil is often used we have towels which can be used. Finally feel free to bring someone with you if you would find it more comfortable. 

Sports massage on leg

What to expect when visiting the clinic

Your first appointment with any of our practitioners will initially involve a detailed case history and examination. Our practitioners will spend time with you to understand and fully explain what is causing your problem. They will then explain a course of action to get you out of pain and up and running again followed by beginning treatment in the same initial appointment. 

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