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Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain is a complicated condition.

It requires careful listening, time, reassurance and a plan to manage chronic pain. 

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain in its simplest form just means pain that has continued for 3 months or more. In this instance we have designed a treatment option for chronic pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue, Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), Multiple Sclerosis and inflammatory Arthritic conditions to name a few. 

These are conditions that unfortunately are often not cured but lived with. We want to help you live with your chronic condition in the most manageable way possible through treatment, advice, reassurance and exercise. 

What is different about this treatment option

Although this treatment option is provided by our Osteopaths we often find that chronic pain patients need more time discussing and explaining how they are feeling and equally the Osteopath needs time to reassure and advise.

Due to this we have created a treatment that can last up to 60 minutes to allow for plenty of time.

There is a small extra fee for this appointment option but we feel we have priced it very fairly.

Stomach Ache

How can Osteopathy Help

Osteopathy is a diverse practice where we have lots of techniques that vary in intensity to treat your aliments. Whether you like strong, physical treatment or a more relaxed gentle approach Osteopathy has the treatment for you. 

Holding Hands

Why Osteopathy

We find Osteopathy's unique philosophy and view of the body means that Osteopathy often succeeds when other treatments have failed in the past. Feel like you have tried it all see if our Osteopaths can make a positive difference.

We take this one step further by having a strong emphasis on exercise rehabilitation, whether you have never done exercise before or an athlete exercise is an important part of becoming pain free, for good.

What to expect when visiting an Osteopath

Your first appointment with any of our practitioners will initially involve a detailed case history and examination. Our practitioners will spend time with you to diagnose and fully explain what is causing your problem. They will then explain a course of action to get you out of pain and up and running again followed by beginning treatment in the same initial appointment. 

Can Osteopathy help me?

Osteopathic treatment aims to reduce pain and improve movement. This is done using gentle manipulative techniques, massage, stretching and strengthening. Our Osteopaths have helped patients with the following conditions:

- Aches & Pains

- Acute/chronic Back Pain

- Neck Pain

- Joint Pain


- Sciatica

- Shoulder/ Elbow pain

- Muscle Spasms

- Neuralgia

- Rheumatic Pain

- Sports Injuries

- Postural Problems

Pregnancy related aches and pains

How do I book?

If this is your first time visiting us and would like to use this service, please get in touch with us to see if you qualify for the service. Alternatively if you book in for an initial osteopathy appointment we can discuss this option in this session. 

What to wear for an appointment

We find that wearing sports wear like shorts and a vest or sports bra. Something that you are comfortable in, non-restricting and won't affect the practitioners ability to examine you. Finally feel free to bring someone with you if you would find it more comfortable. 

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