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Online Services

Away from home, too far from the clinic or simply don't want to sit in traffic then our online appointments are for you

Professional service delivered online with proven results similar to treatment in the clinic

What is an Online Consultation

Online Consultations are a service that brings the clinic to you. It will involve a video setup either by smart device or a computer with a camera. A link will be sent with instructions on how to connect with your practitioner and payment, which is required prior to the appointment. 

Once you and your practitioner are connected the session can begin. This will involve taking a case history and then assess, diagnose, treat and finally advice for your condition. 

Depending on the package that you select, you will have follow up sessions or messaging guidance and advice.


This is a great option if you can't get to the clinic or would like to get great evidence based advice from the comfort of your home. 

What happens in a Online Consultation

  • Full Case history

  • Active/Self Assessment

  • Orthopaedic testing

  • Diagnosis

  • Treatment

  • Advice

Do Online consultations work? 

Of course, otherwise we wouldn't be offering it. If you have been to the clinic before you know that we are open and honest and believe in giving evidence based practice so we will only offer what we think is a valuable and effective service. 

There is a lot of evidence to support online consultations proving that they can be just as effective as manual treatments. The main difference is that there is a lot more responsibility on yourselves to listen to our advice and maintain with the stretches and strengthening exercises.


As long as you are willing to take control then there is no reason why this treatment approach can't be effective. 

Quiet Desk

How can I receive treatment through a video consultation?

​The ‘treatment’ part of the session will involve us taking you through some exercises or self-massage instructions which we can then send to you as a bespoke program for you to follow. Your practitioner will be in regular contact with you over a period of time depending on which package you requested so we can monitor your progress and to make any adjustments to the program. 

Your online treatment plan may also involve a trip to our clinic in the future if we feel you would benefit, but this is often not needed for most issues.


What to wear for an appointment

We find that wearing sports wear like shorts and t-shirt are best as we will require you to do some movements during the online session.  Something that you are comfortable in, non-restricting and won't affect the practitioners ability to examine you. 

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