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Sports Therapy

Sports injuries and rehabilitation regardless of age and ability

Physical Therapy

What is Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy is an aspect of healthcare that is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the patient, regardless of age and ability.

What is a Sports Therapist

A Sports Therapist is a healthcare professional who has the knowledge, skills, and ability to assess musculoskeletal injuries, provide a variety of treatment modalities and supplement the treatment with a rehabilitation programme. A Sports Therapist can plan and implement appropriate injury prevention programmes by utilising the principles of sport and exercise physiology.


A Sports Therapist is recognised for their sports massage but is able to provide a thorough sports injury diagnosis, treatment plan, and rehabilitation programme.

How can Sports Therapy Help

Sports Therapy uses a range of techniques such as massage, articulation, rehabilitation, electrotherapy and functional movement screening to assess, treat and rehabilitate patients.  

Physical Therapy Session

What to expect when visiting our practitioners

Your first appointment with any of our practitioners will initially involve a detailed case history and examination. Our practitioners will spend time with you to diagnose and fully explain what is causing your problem. They will then explain a course of action to get you out of pain and up and running again followed by beginning treatment in the same initial appointment. 

Can Sports Therapy help me?

Sports Therapy aims to reduce pain and improve movement. This is done using gentle manipulative techniques, massage, stretching and strengthening. Our Sports therapists have helped patients with the following conditions:

- Sports injuries 

- Muscle strains

- Ligament strains 

- Joint paint

- Bursitis 

- Back pain 

- Muscle spasm 

- Frozen shoulders

- Tendinopathy

- Shoulder & elbow pain 


What to wear for an appointment

We find that wearing sports wear like shorts and a vest or sports bra. Something that you are comfortable in, non-restricting and won't affect the practitioners ability to examine you. Finally feel free to bring someone with you if you would find it more comfortable. 

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