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The difference between making you feel better and making you move better for good

We strive to not only get you pain free but also give you the tools to stay pain free

At our location you get the opportunity if your practitioner sees fit to go into the high quality gym of David Lloyd, where we can advance the simple body weight exercises in the clinic room into big functional movements to help you accelerate your recovery. 

All of our practitioners are happy to take you through exercises of varying difficulties but we each have our specialisms so if you are solely after exercises to help progress your performance or wish to budge that niggling back pain by being more active then please get in touch first so we can direct you to the best practitioner that suits your needs. 

Personal Trainer Stretching Session

At M Ost our goal is to get you moving better, out of pain and using rehabilitation techniques to make you take control of your own body. We are here to assist, guide and support you when you need help or assistance. This can be if you are an ordinary office worker who has got fed up with your recurring back spasms or an athlete who just can't shake an injury. We find some like to have a course of treatment over a short period to get on top of their problem, which is supplemented with rehabilitation exercises and others that like to come in periodically for treatment and updated exercises and revisit in a month or so, we find it varies based on your goals and expectations.

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