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Gadgets that we have tested to help your pain.

We don't often suggest lots of gadgets to buy to help with your pain, as they are often over-priced and a distraction to what can actually help.

However we have listed below a few things we suggest to our patients to help assist with their aches and pains between appointments. All of which can facilitate manual therapy and also make the exercises more comfortable. We have attached amazon links to the images and buttons for your convenience- all of which are products we have used ourself.

Massage balls
Massage balls are great at releasing tight knots of muscle and tension in hard to stretch areas.
We regularly use these ourselves to release daily tension, improve range of motion and help ourselves out of pain.

Resistance Bands
Resistance bands are a fantastic and convenient way to build strength and stability in a muscle that may struggle with the simplest of movements. Hundreds of exercises can be done with a small pack of resistance bands such as these. Whether you are suffering with osteoarthritis of the hips or knees or a rotator cuff strain resistance bands can be a great addition, and they can fit in your pocket.

Foam Rollers
Foam rollers- are most commonly used to provide pressure to the larger muscles such as the calf, quads and hamstrings. We often use them to help open up the upper back by arching over it. These can be quite firm but you can find softer ones on amazon which are made just from foam.


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